Thursday, July 9, 2015

But You Can't Choose Your Relatives

We spent the holiday weekend at my older sister's rather imposing residence, in company with other family members including my niece Elizabeth*.  It's common knowledge that her husband has been a little… wary… of the spousal unit ever since he had The Talk with Patrick* at their wedding.

Oldest sister:  Where's Patrick*?

Elizabeth*:  He's taking a nap.

Youngest sister (teasingly):  We should have Brian go wake him up, wearing his mean face.

Me:  How is his mean face any different from his every day face?

(“If you ever make her cry, I will track you down and kill you like a dog,” which is what he says to every young man reckless enough to marry into our families).


Bunnykins said...

Good man. I fully approve.

Sam said...

In my family, it is the three sisters who said this to both men who married into the family. The first in-law warned the 2nd we would do "hunt him down if he ever made our sister cry. And no one would find the body". I should say, none of us knew the other was giving this "advice" to the groom until after the wedding. Good for OH!

Lady Anne said...

Oddly enough, it was my eldest daughter who more or less said that to The Squire when we were going together. I discovered much later that she had asked him if he was "going to be nice to her (me). Daddy (the Late and Unlamented) made Mommy cry too many times." He said that one question nearly reduced HIM to tears.

Although I must admit he has caused me to shed tears of joy from time to time.

Shay said...

How old was she?

Lady Anne said...

She was eleven. Old enough to remember the times he dragged the two of them out of bed and sat them on the kitchen table while he ranted and railed about how dreadful I was. That wasn't exactly how he put it, but you get the idea.

Shay said...

Smart kid.