Sunday, July 19, 2015

Well, That Explains Everything

Me:  What did you do to your forehead?

He:  I was picking up a lawnmower.

Me:  Of course.

He:  It was a riding mower.


Sam said...

Sign of a good marriage when one does not question the Spousal's reply. My mother never questioned my step-dad the Theatrical lighting designer's many bandages until the cast on his ankle appeared. That she took notice of. Hope it was not serious.

Shay said...

It was a small abrasion on his forehead. I still can't figure out how he hit himself in the head with a RIDING MOWER.

Lady Anne said...

Years ago, my BFF and I had taken our kids apple picking, and when we came home her husband met us at her door holding a bath towel to his forehead.

"I dropped a transmission on my head."

He'd been on the ground working on their riding mower, and "something came loose". I took all of the children to our house while she drove him to the hospital. She was speeding, and got pulled over. Her husband was looking in the glove compartment for the registration, and put the towel on the dash so he'd have both hands. e managed to shoot blood all over the state trooper's uniform. "Forget the ticket and follow me", and off they went, with flashing lights and sirens.

Bunnykins said...

After a couple of years of "get off me, woman" in response to my expressions of concern when the other half maimed himself, I've learned to just keep the first aid kit up to date, bandage him up or feed him something for what ails him, and leave him be. It's all "learn to stop worrying and love the bomb", but it works.