Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's A Communist Plot

vintage catalog image from Pinterest

On July 1st I submitted my letter of retirement/resignation, to take effect in October.

Since then, three pairs of trousers have gone West, two of them irreparably.  I possess a suitable but not lavish work wardrobe, and if I now have to pike out to Von Maur and buy stuff that I’ll only need for another six weeks, it’s going to make me cross.

Update 8/26: Found a bleach splash on the otherwise dark brown leg of Pair#4.  At this rate I will be in sweatpants by the end of the month.



So, you'll have time to post more often?

Shay said...

One would think so... however, all of the retirees I run into tell me that they're busier now than they were before they stopped working, so I make no promises.

Lady Anne said...

The Squire has often said he needs to go back to work so he can have a day off. Of course, with the stock market in the shape it's in, he may have to go back to work to keep food on the table.

Bunnykins said...

When I retired, I gathered up my suits & dresses and all the stuff that went with them and donated the lot to a charity that helps women transition from welfare to working in an office. Yaah! At least with pants, you'll get to wear them again, even if it's only as dig the garden/paint the porch clothes.

So, what you going to do now? Can't see you just lying about in a hammock.

Sam said...

Congrats on filing for retirement. I hope more tatting will be posted(please?).
And nothing sucks more than a wandering wardrobe when one has a finite need for them.

Lady Anne said...

It might be time to check out the local thrift stores. I agree - it's downright painful to have to purchase clothing you won't need for very long. At least this way you won't have to spend a lot of money on them.