Friday, August 21, 2015

Perhaps They Were From the 6th Marines

US Marines hailed as heroes for stopping French train gunman.

Update:  And, as it turned out, they were from the Air Force and the National Guard.  In a way it's touching that when two young American servicemen tackle a gunman barehanded, a train full of French passengers assumes they're Marines.

I imagine the rest of the Armed Forces finds this very annoying.

(mocking aside -- everyone should feel proud and grateful to them and to the Englishman who had a hand in it.  I imagine the full story will come out eventually.  And I wish my fellow Americans would lay off the "surrender monkey" comments).

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Bunnykins said...

Had to look up "surrender monkeys." Blowhards. One of the most impressive people I ever met was a short, plump, middle aged, very unassuming French man who'd spent his youth as a resistance sapper in occupied France. Don't underestimate the French who have had considerable success in clearing Boko Haram out of northern Mali; they're back, unfortunately, and so are the French.
Meanwhile, those young (and not so young) men on the train deserve their medals and the thanks of thousands who would have been harmed or traumatized by a successful attack. Part character, and part training, I imagine.