Thursday, August 27, 2015

Notes On A Crimi-Epi Workshop

I am in a two day workshop on joint criminological-epidemiological investigations sponsored by the FBI and the CDC.  Half the class is Public Health, half are Law Enforcement Officers from a variety of agencies.  We get to the part where we are conducting mock interviews.

The first roleplayer is doing a damned fine job as  a woman whose two children have been hospitalized after being infected by a category A agent. After ripping the interviewers two new ones, she begins sobbing.

Witness/Roleplayer:  I'm sorry -- but it’s been 24 hours and they won’t let me see my children!

LEO:  As soon as we’re done here, I’ll make sure you get to see your kids.

There is a mass intake of breath from the rest of the class; the instructors have been very clear that we are not to make promises.

LEO: (abruptly going off-script)  Hey, I have a gun – she’s gonna see her kids!

Another roleplayer is doing an equally good job as a petty criminal who is hospitalized for the same reason.

PH Staffer:  Hello, Mr. Poole*, I’m Beth*.  I’m with the XX Health Department and I need to ask you a few questions about the day you got sick.

Witness/Roleplayer grunts.

PH Staffer:  And this is Genna Jones* -- she’s with the FBI and she’s going to sit in.  Is that okay?

Witness/Roleplayer: (sullenly) I don’t like cops.

FBI Agent:  Me neither, that’s why I joined the FBI.


Bunnykins said...

Fascinating, and sensible given the way the world is. Remember the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway where it was difficult to know who was innocent and who was an attacker?

Sam said...

Love how LEOs can turn on the acting bug when necessary. Love how you tell us what goes on even more! Thanks.