Sunday, December 6, 2015

History Repeats Itself

 A joint review of US Ebola quarantine policies by analysts at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Yale University found that the quarantines imposed by states weren’t medically justified and were unconstitutional.

The 46-page report said the infection and death of a Liberian man in Dallas, and illnesses in two nurses that cared for him, triggered disproportionate fear and hysteria in October and Novemver of 2014 that led to overly restrictive quarantine measures in many states that misled the public.

In a forward to the report by Deane Marchbien, MD, president of Doctors without Borders in the United States, said the report put responsibility for the panic on political leaders—enabled by a “fear-mongering mass media”—through ignorance or political expediency.


Bunnykins said...

What you said is a three hour conversation.
Let's just say I agree and that the media has no business shouting 'fire' when they should be giving people the information they need to keep calm and carry on. Panic serves no good purpose.

Sam said...

The media seems to live on "panic the public" instead of research the topic and THEN pass on useful and timely information.