Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Online Bookshelf - A Visit From St Nicholas

A free download from Project Gutenberg.


Bunnykins said...

Thanks for this. It's really lovely. The illustrations of Santa as more elfin with a much smaller sleigh and reindeer is something I'd forgotten, having seen the ubiquitous Coke Santa for years. Love them both. Notice the step and stairs children: 4 and counting by the look of it. I love nostalgia, but prefer modern life.

Lady Anne said...

"A Visit From St. Nicholas" was not written by Clement Moore, but by a fellow in New York State named Henry Anderson. Clement Moore was a Methodist minister who walked around looking - and acting - as if he was waiting for an opening in the Trinity, preferably the top spot.

His friends published this under his name, and he had a fit, until it became popular, and then he condescended to accept credit for it. Anderson never did get anything for the work, but if you compare the writing of the two men, you will see that it is *not* Moore's work.