Saturday, December 26, 2015

Right On Time

image from Pinterest
It's the day after Christmas and we received five seed catalogs in the mail this morning.


Lady Anne said...

I think they hire professional models for those seed catalogues. Flowers just don't look that good in real life.

Sam said...

Unless they are in the Van Englen or Scheepers catalogues. Those look wonderful because my company prints them! And Conn. is finally getting December like weather on 12/28!!! Temps near 70 on the 25th was just plain wrong!

Shay said...

The only time I've ever had a garden that looked like the seed catalog pictures was in North Carolina. We lived in what had been a logged over swamp, and whatever was planted just grew like crazy.

Of course, so did the weeds.

Sam said...

Well those gardens need many full time people working them. Or money or both.
Come to Conn. - we have many lovely gardens to wander through. Weeds are just plants you didn't plant.

Bunnykins said...

What a gorgeous rose. I love those old rose forms, especially the white ones. I'm planning a native plant garden (except for a couple of hardy roses) to feed the birds and critters that live here already. Less work, too, than a formal garden, esp when there are bunnies and chipmunks, lots of birds and who knows what else running around. I've found tight planting and lots of mulch keeps down the weeds and feeds the soil. The other half isn't convinced about a bat house or bees, but we'll see about that later.
It's nice to dream in winter when there's nothing but ice on the ground.