Sunday, April 10, 2016

We've Created A Monster

in a rare moment of repose

My initial impressions of Newdog were that he was awfully timid and passive.  Little did I know.

Turns out he brought an infection and kennel cough with him – and I’m not blaming the rescue, he appeared perfectly fine when Brian picked him up.  But the first few days last week consisted of him finding a dark corner and curling up in it. I was so worried about what I thought was his fearfulness that I brought him in to the county animal shelter* where the staff and a volunteer took one look at him and said with one voice (ok, five voices) “Vet!  Now!”

Massive doses of antibiotics and two IVs with saline solution later, he is not the same animal. When he’s not demanding cuddles, he wants to play Kong, and when he’s not playing Kong, he wants to go walkies.

He also booped the cat with his forepaw yesterday.  Oh, the horror.

(*The director and the volunteer were advising us on the adopt-a-dog process.  The volunteer raises Old English Sheepdogs and has been a judge at Westminster and an official at the Iditarod.  She is a Big Gun in the dog world, and a thoroughly nice person).


Janice in GA said...

Sorry to hear Newdog was unwell, but sounds like he's recovering nicely. Yay!

Shay said...

I'm just kicking myself that we didn't recognize that he was sick, not scared.

Bunnykins said...

Sounds like Brian adopted him just in time.
As my old vet told me when we took boss cat in and found he'd been getting worse instead of better for weeks and I was wracked with guilt for not knowing: animals are very good at faking it; it's hard to know when they're in pain or sick. Survival instinct for self protection, perhaps?
Just wait until he gives Reserve Cat a full face lick. Sure looks like he's comfy and at home now.

Lady Anne said...

As Bunnykins said, animals are very good at hiding the fact that they are ill. Perhaps, perhaps, if he had been with a bit longer, he might have let you in on the secret a bit sooner, but maybe not.

Still, you caught it in time, and that's the main thing. If you guys has lost two dogs in rapid succession, it probably would have just about killed you.

Miss Allen said...

Good dog in good hands. Give him a snorgle for me!!!

Sam said...

This is one of those times when a Universal Translator would have helped!
Can not wait to here how Reserve Cat likes "boop the kitty" game. My friend has a black Maine Coon and a Spanish Water dog who love to play "boop the nose" with each other. Glad to new NewDog is on the mend and acting like a happy pup!

Shay said...

Reserve Cat does not like "Boop the Kitty." He likes "Sniff the Kitty's Butt" even less.