Thursday, April 28, 2016


H/t to Lady Anne.

In other news, I’m scheduled to teach at another training institute, so Brian and Newdog will be batching it for the next three days.


Sam said...

Do yo mean Brian and NewDog try to make a Boy Fort that Reserve Cat can't get into?
Or "the boys have a free weekend and I have no clue what the house will be like when I get back"?

Anonymous said...

And probably the weirdest thing about that picture is that is wasn't staged . . . it couldn't have been; nobody could have imagined something like that.

Shay said...

I know, maggie.

Sam -- why would a Boy Fort keep Reserve cat out? And the house was shiny clean when I got home, Brian ran a vacuum, dusted, and scrubbed the bathroom.

"Maids when you're young....marry a Marine!"

Lady Anne said...

I'd love to know the back-story on it. Any guesses?

Bunnykins said...

Or marry a sailor like my grandfather who learned to be self sufficient, could sew on buttons, cook a basic meal, and had seen enough of the world not to be judgemental. Easy man to live with.