Thursday, April 21, 2016

You're Being Played, Pooch

Note strategic position guarding the blue Irish stole

During the first few days after Newdog recovered and started showing signs of interest in our merry little band, we watched his interactions with Reserve Cat carefully.  The rescue ladies told us that he liked cats, but it seemed prudent to monitor his overtures.  Particularly in light of the 50-lb weight difference.

So we kept an eye on him, and when he showed signs of being a little too hearty in his affections, we intervened, gently but (we hoped) firmly. Reserve Cat is not a cerebral animal but he does possess a certain low cunning, and this did not go unnoticed.

He has recently taken to waiting until the two of us are in another room and then sauntering up to Newdog.  Happy and trusting soul that he is, the dog thinks he’s being told Hiya, pal!  Wanna play?

What the cat is actually saying is Jump to your feet and stick your muzzle in my face, you loathsome interloper, so I can meow piteously and the humans will rush in and scold you.


Bunnykins said...

Mum loves me best! Wonder what they'll do when the girl cat arrives?

Lady Anne said...

You can just see the indignation in every line of that cat's body. Poor puppy; he looks a bit dejected and rejected. Hang in there boy. This too shall pass.

Sam said...

I do love a sneaky cat! NewDog just needs to know who rules the roost (it ain't always the humans with thumbs). Wonder what kind of borders you will need once GirlKitten shows up. Sounds like the China Sea at your place (snicker). Love the Irish throw. My sister's has been in the closet for years because the Maine Coons drool and knead it too much.