Friday, May 27, 2016

For Him The Glass Is Always Half Full

image from Pinterest

Several of us have gone out to dinner.  One of the waitresses – not the one at our table – is a young woman of impressive superstructure, and the buttons of her shirt are holding on in defiance of any known principle of structural engineering.  There are certain...ahem....gaps through which one can ascertain that she owes it all to Mother Nature and not to Maidenform™.

This has not escaped the notice of the volunteer sitting next to me.  He is a massive good ol’ boy everyone calls after his home state.

Me:  Tucky, I know you’re just waiting for one of those buttons to pop.

Second Volunteer: And when it does, it’ll put your eye out.

Tucky: Yeah, but I’ll go blind happy!


Bunnykins said...

God bless him.

Shay said...

I liked being around Tucky. He made me feel small.

He's got a bit of a temper...he found out that a paid staffer had been unbelievably rude & unkind to an elderly volunteer and you could almost see the steam coming from his ears as he went off to try and repair the situation.

Lady Anne said...

Tucky sounds a lot like The Squire. Very sweet and kind, but he will NOT tolerate unkindness toward other people or animals. The only thing to do is wear beige and keep your mouth shut.

Bunnykins said...

As long as it doesn't get physical, I'm all for ripping a strip off those who haven't learned how to behave in polite society. I have a special dislike of people who are rude and unkind just because they think they can get away with it, because they're more important than anyone else. Good on Tucky.