Monday, May 2, 2016

Little Does He Know

Newdog just about tied himself into a pretzel when I got home last night.  I’m not sure how he’s going to take the news that I’m headed for Houston on Wednesday Tuesday.


Bunnykins said...

My goodness, he's gorgeous.
How about a piece of your clothing, one of those puzzle balls that sheds treats, and mushy phone calls from away?
Our critters used to give me the "she's put dad in the vet's, I know she has, evil woman" look by day 3 whenever the other half took off. Only dad's voice on the phone placated them.

Sam said...

Hey - he loves you enough to become Velcro Dog. Could be worse - you could be shunned like I am by two Maine Coons when I travel. But leaving a tshirt for NewDog to snuggle with might not be a bad idea. What's in Houston?

Shay said...

In Houston is floods. 10K homeless, 5 fatalities. I'm going to be doing motor transport for the Red Cross DRO there.

(DRO - Disaster Relief Office).

Bunnykins said...

Godspeed. Hope you took your wellies.

Miss Allen said...

My friend is in Austin, working for FEMA with the Texas floods. Please be careful!!