Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Wedged Cat In Great Tightness

image from Patricia at agence eureka

Chunk (formerly known as Dribblechin) is as different from Batdog (formerly Newdog – for the ears) as can be.

Batdog is slim, elegant, with dainty paws and a beautifully modeled skull.  Chunk is, well…chunky.  Big paws, big chest, big everything including a blocky head and wide snout (and teeth…oh boy has he got teeth).  When he feels affectionate enough to throw himself at you, which is quite often, it’s not unlike getting hit in the chest with a well-aimed sandbag*.

And, at eighteen months, Chunk is still very much a puppy which means that he has not yet learned subtlety.  Or much of anything else.  What Chunk sees, Chunk gets.

He’s giving Reserve Cat a nervous breakdown.  There has been no aggression or biting, but he follows him everywhere and lies across the head of the stairs so the cat can’t get into the kitchen.  This morning he trapped him in the laundry room, whereupon Reserve Cat learned that he can’t fit behind the freezer any more, poor old fat bastard.  He got wedged, Pooh-like, just behind the front legs and I had to pull him out.

Half an hour ago I caught Chunk with his paws up on the shelf where we feed Reserve Cat, quietly cleaning out a full dish of kibble.

(*why yes.  I have).


Lady Anne said...

Poor Reserve Cat! He's going to have to learn to coexist with Chunk, or starve.

Bunnykins said...

We gave up our kitchen table for several years when forever puppy was with us. She wasn't a really big dog, nowhere near as big as a shepherd, but could still reach the front of the table, so the tray went at the back near the wall. It was either that or she got 3 dinners.
How about some cat stairs up the wall to a shelf where Reserve Cat (soon to be called Pumpkin for his orangey round goodness?) can eat and glower down in peace?
Like the names you chose for the pups!

Shay said...

We're thinking about putting the catfood dish on the counter next to the phone. There is a stool in front of the counter that's low enough for the Big Yellow Fellow to use as a ladder.

Sam said...

Poor ReserveCat/Pumpkin! Make sure the stool is anchored as some solid orange boy may need to fly up it to flee Da Chunk. Good luck with teaching him manners. Will make for some interesting posts.

Shay said...

As I've mentioned, the cat brings a lot of this on himself.