Monday, June 20, 2016

History Repeats Itself

A reasonable facsimile of the floor around the water dish

As you may recall, when Newdog first arrived, he tried very hard to get Reserve Cat to play with him, ignoring repeated rebuffs and going so far as to boop the cat (behavior not calculated to promote peace and domestic tranquility).

Poor Dribblechin, at eighteen months, is still very much a puppy and has been doing everything he can think of to lure Newdog into fun and games, including lying on his back and waving his paws in the air while chewing on the rope toy.

Alas, to no avail.  Newdog is quite cool to any overtures, and when Dribblechin booped him this morning the reaction was decidedly unfriendly.

It’s only been four days and undoubtedly will work itself out.  In the meantime, Reserve Cat is going walleyed trying to keep tabs on both of them.


Bunnykins said...

Ain't parenthood grand? We had a dribble puss of our own, complete with beard which was often wiped on my pant leg (yeech.) I put some of those absorbent sponge cloths under and around the water dish and the dish itself on a tray until she grew up. Not elegant, but it help.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lady Anne said...

We used to have a slobberly old Mastiff who would shake his head and throw drool all over the place. I have spots on my copper pie safe that look as I they've been burned with acid.

Sam said...

My friend has a lovely Spanish Water Dog, Cookie, who just LOVES water and just LOVES using one's leg as her towel. Poor Reserve Cat - stuck between two large dogs....

Shay said...

The water dish is in the bathroom, and that floor is almost constantly awash.