Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We Live and Learn (Or Don't)

from Pinterest

1. Turns out Newdog is afraid of thunder (I assume that’s why he was trying to get under the covers with me very early this morning).

2. Reserve Cat is now pulling the same passive-aggressive crap with Dribblechin that worked so well with Newdog (at least until Newdog wised up).


Sam said...

Such a smart Reserve Cat! Clearly what work on NewDog should work in DribbleChin/Chunk. Oh the stories you will tell once NewKitten is added to your family.

Bunnykins said...

Looks like you're going to need a bigger bed. On the vet's advice, we used to give our forever puppy a regular strength benedryl when it started to thunder as she was a vibrating mess. I agree with Sam: if the NewKitten is a girl, she will eventually whip them all into shape.