Thursday, January 11, 2018

Grrrsday - After the Starlings, Sheep!


Sharon K said...

pretty amazing and beautiful. i've watched well trained dogs before, and it's pretty incredible.
now, my heinz 57 knows sit and come, but when we encountered some loose sheep one time, she sort of slunk behind me.

Lady Anne said...

Sheep herding with dogs is fascinating! We had an Old English Sheepdog who was a devout coward. Flossie resembled Nana from the Peter Pan movie, but she would hide when she saw you blow up a balloon! I don't think she could have herded dust bunnies.

Sharyn McCrumb has written some marvelous stories about Elizabeth MacPherson and her wacky family. In "Highland Laddie Gone" her brother tries to herd ducks the way sensible people herd sheep. It's worth searching out.

Shay said...

Sharon, I'm pretty happy with Batdog's progress at obedience class, but I would not trust him around sheep.

Lady Anne -- I found Sharyn McCrumb's Elizabeth MacPherson books on Open Library and I am going to have to put one on reserve.

Sam said...

To watch Herding Trials can be addictive. To see how a dog can move sheep, cattle and ducks is amazing. I have friends with Spanish Water Dogs who herd ducks. Lots of fun!

Bunnykins said...

I love watching the herding trials. Where would a shepherd be without his dog? Now, ducks I'd like to see. Did you see the capture of the swans in the Aslter lake near Hamburg, taking them into winter shelter? Not at all like herding, but amazing all the same.

What is Batdog being trained for other than good manners? He seems to have really come on since you rescued him.