Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Letter Of The Law

Enter Reserve Cat, stage right.  Batdog bounces up and starts prodding him with one forepaw.

Me: Nein!  Bad dog!

Batdog looks at me, reaches out a tentative paw and takes another swipe at Reserve Cat.

Me:  No, stop.  Nein!  Leave that cat alone!

Batdog whirls around and jumps on Sheba instead.


Bunnykins said...

Path of least resistance?

Lady Anne said...

Worse than some kids!

Sam said...

Batdog " I thought you only meant THAT cat. Sheba not a cat, Sheba a toy. Sheba get me in trouble"

Shay said...

Sheba has learned to lurk behind the closed bathroom door and waggle her paw under it, driving Batdog to yelps of frustration.

Never a dull moment.