Thursday, January 4, 2018

Grrrsday - Swallows Starlings

The art of flying - short 2 min version from Jan van IJken on Vimeo.

Like the elephants and the giraffes, this is amazing.  Unlike them, this is real.

EDITED TO ADD:  School was cancelled because of the sub-zero cold and wind chill.  The New Kids are sitting on the windowsill watching birds in the birdfeeder. Reserve Cat is roaming around the house with a peeved expression on his face because he can't go outside. Brian and Batdog are playing keep-away with Batdog's stuffed duck.

I'm waiting for something to break.


Lady Anne said...

I think those are starlings, not swallows. It is amazing to watch them cross the sky in swirling ribbons. While I don't like the cast, I do admire their Choreographer!

It would be hard to decide who is the more dangerous - the cats or Bat Dog and Company. My vote is on the latter.

Shay said...

I must have been sleepy when I wrote that.

Bunnykins said...

It's called a murmuration of starlings, but, if you've ever been near one, like the one that flies across Burlington Bay onto the bridge by Lake Ontario where they temporarily roost as nightfall comes, they're anything but a murmur. I used to live on a street lined with large, old maples and oaks with a resident flock of starlings which acted as a natural alarm clock. Mother Nature is amazing. Pigeons do something similar, as do huge flocks of budgies in Australia.

Sam said...

We spent our snow day on the couch, with the Maine Coons alternating whose lap was the warmest. Generally who ever snatched the afghan got the mother lode of Cat. I bet that the boys are ones who will break something first.

Jackie said...

Seems like everyone was having a good day except for Reserve Cat. Hope he found something to entertain him in the warmth.