Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Knitting - A Patterned "Blouse" from 1951

to heck with the top, I want that hat

A knitted dressy top from Smart Knitting, Vol 8 (1951). The photo and two pages of instructions are on my Flickr account.


Bunnykins said...

Outside of couture or vintage remakes, I haven't seen a veil since I was a little girl. Look up millinery supplies for online shops that sell everything to make hats, including gorgeous veiling. BTW, that's the first time I've seen the standard diamond shaped openwork pattern joined with what looks like a series of yarn over/k2tog stitches, which makes an interesting change. Love the vintage patterns!

Jackie said...

This model looks as if she's posing for the magazine "Dominatrix Who Knit".

Shay said...

Certainly very noir-ish.