Friday, September 20, 2019

Quote Of The Day

The real measure of a day's heat is the length of a sleeping cat.  ~ Charles Brady


Lady Anne said...

Never thought of it, but that's correct. Right now, Eddie is curled up in a ball, in July he took up an awful lot of space.

Sam said...

Not just the length for the Maine Coons - how much belly is exposed and the location of the window or fan = relative heat & humidity. Now with a touch of autumn, laps become the preferred spot to nap on.

Bunnykins said...

My DD's big lady cat has taken over the downstairs hall for afternoon sunbaths: one large cat tummy in the air, outstretched impossibly little feet, and a dead eyed stare out of one eye. When the sun moves this winter, I may have to buy her a sun lamp for daily basking.