Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knitting-Something For the Boys

A knitted "Eisenhower" jacket in an interesting vertical stitch that is not quite ribbing. From Smart Knitting and Needlecraft, 4th Edition, 1948.

Named, of course, for General Eisenhower who favored this practical, waist-length battle jacket over the longer belted uniform "blouse." One page of instructions are on my Flickr account, here.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

I just checked the Eisenhower pattern and was surprised to find that the stitch pattern is the one that I use a lot for socks! It was given to me by an elderly patient of mine. I wonder if your pattern is the source of her stitch pattern??!!! It makes a lovely, stretchy beaded rib. The pix doesn't do it justice! It is very pretty.

Shay said...

I knitted up a swatch last night...this is a nice pattern, doesn't curl, is reversible, is very stable. I'll have to post a pic.