Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obsolete Information Dep't-An Economical Petticoat

"An inexpensive and serviceable petticoat. Buy a short knit petticoat (usual price twenty-five cents) and one yard black sateen, fifteen cents. Cut a bias ruffle of sateen, ten inches deep and hem. Stitch the ruffle onto lower edge of petticoat, stretching edge of petticoat tight. When complete the knitted edge will draw together, casing the flouce to ruffle. One may use silk, in place of sateen, if desired, and plain white ones made in this way are fine to wear with evening dresses. N.S."

(from Modern Priscilla, April 1917).


Amy said...

I think they lost me after "bias..." - I'm not a sewer but I enjoyed reading the ad anyway :-)

Suna said...

What a marvelous little ad. I have been making reproductions of vintage clothing the last - oh -, 10 years or so, and this was actually a tip I hadn't picked up along the way =)