Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Suffragette Recipe

Anti's Favorite Hash

(Unless you wear dark glasses you cannot make a success of Anti's Favorite Hash.)

1 lb. truth thoroughly mangled
1 generous handful of injustice.
(Sprinkle over everything in the pan)
1 tumbler acetic acid (well shaken)

A little vitriol will add a delightful tang and a string of nonsense should be dropped in at the last as if by accident.

Stir all together with a sharp knife because some of the tid bits will be tough propositions.

(From The Suffrage Cookbook, 1915)


Lydia said...

Oh, so downloading this one. Thanks, Shay!

Lidian said...

That is great! What a terrific cookbook, where did you find it?

Are all the recipes like that, or are there regular ones too?

Shay said...

Lidian, it's on project Gutenberg, one of my favorite sites!

GDad said...

Mmmm... vitriol.

Virginia Harris said...

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