Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'splain something to me, Lucy

Funnyface stays in the backyard while we are at work. We can get away with this without censure from the Humane Society, even in winter, because like most traditional bungalows ours was built with a separate door to the basement.

We have a doggy flap and we put his food, water and bed in the laundry room, but we shut off the rest of the basement and the door at the top of the kitchen stairs stays closed.

(This decision was made after an unfortunate incident with the evil Belgian mercenary, de Batroum-Rugge, who suffered multiple puncture wounds and had to be replaced).

He still has unlimited access to the laundry room. Which is how, when I got home this afternoon, the backyard was tastefully decorated with the spousal unit’s underpants.

And we're getting another one of him why?


Laura said...

Oh, but he is such a cutie-pie! How can you resist?

You gave me a much needed chortle/chuckle just now, you are so funny! Took me a minute to figure out the Belgian ref, but i just need another shot of coffee, that is all!

We adore I Love Lucy here at our house and have the entire set of DVDs, even the last couple of seasons which are not that great...

Shay said...

One of these little wiggle-worms is going to be his baby sister. They are just over a week old!

Su said...

LOL! Oh, FunnyFace sounds a lot like my dog. :)

His "baby sitters" look adorable!!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

lol! Thanks for the chuckle! I guess the Spousal Unit is alpha dog?? Better his undies than your brassieres, eh? vbg