Monday, February 16, 2009

Gratuitous Sappy Puppy Posting

That is my pillow, btw.


Amy said...

awww look at that face...

anniebelle said...

Shay, is that your knitting next to Baby Face? I don't feel guilty anymore for crocheting in bed even if Himself *will* complain about sitting on my hooks. I look at him sweetly and remark tht he should be grateful I *don't* knit; how painful would that be! Or remark darkly that Agatha Christie used a steel knitting needle as a murder weapon in one of her novels.

(I should ask if that's Baby Face!) Whoever it is they are some beautiful goggies.

who ia off to her beloved ebay to shop for some Civil War years issues of Godey's for a re-enactor friend of mine - oh alright and for me too!

Shay said...

Yes, this is the baby. 10 months old and a royal pain in the ***. Of course, so was Funnyface and now that he's almost two, he's a lot easier to live with. GSD puppies are high maintenance, to say the least.

My husband doesn't mind the knitting needles in the bed so much as the tatting needles. They'll cause a lot more damage!