Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little Fashion Advice

I have what is known in the trade as a "mature figure" -- quite common among women of my age and ethnic persuasion. This does not mean I have a problem finding clothes that fit off the rack, just with finding clothes that fit off the rack in which I'd be caught dead. Let's face it; locally, the selection of upscale women's clothing is a little restricted, and a shopping trip up to Chicago or Detroit just isn't in the cards right now.

In nautical terms, I have a broad poop-deck and a heavy prow, and amidships I'm almost perfectly rectilinear (and the less said about my binnacles, the better). I also ride high in the water. So I was looking at Simplicity 2703 and thinking that it would make a nice jacket in a bright red lightweight wool that I happen to have on hand, but I'm not sure about those sleeves. I am thinking that straight plain sleeves or maybe with a cuff like this would look less, well, billowy.



Anonymous said...

The sleeves in the pattern allow for a little more ease if you have heavy upper arms and can make the whole arm look thinner, or is supposed to.

The other one would also work for a more tailored look, but if you have wider wrists, then be aware of where they hit since it can make them look huge.

KrazyPatch said...

I think you are right about the cuffed sleeve, however, I agree with sewducky. Watch the sleeve length on either pattern. These shorter sleeves work for the less mature women, but look too small for the rest of us.

You are definitely on the right track for a flattering pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hmm myself I'd go for the tailored look.. anything fluffy on my arms would only make me look wider and I don't exactly need that :)
Loved your description.. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read it.

Anonymous said...

For the majestic natical form, the less bulk and gathers the better.
You could ease the arm to a narrower cuff starting at the elbow but be careful not to take in too much. Also a fancy button or contrasting trim at teh cuff is very natty.

mamafrog said...

Personally, if you have a large bosom (there's an old fashioned word for you) and aren't somewhat flat under it in the tummy area the jacket is likely to gape open improperly. Or what I'm saying is it might not hang properly without a little more ease where that belt is.

Shay said...

Mamafrog, you is right...but I love the faux-Norfolk jacket look. I wonder if it would be easy to modify the pattern to include a 3-button stance.