Saturday, May 23, 2009


(This is actually from the LOLCats and is not Reserve Cat. Although I caught him on the dining-room table yesterday, scratching and biting his pretty new red harness).


Lidian said...

Sounds like our cats, except one of ours loves the kitchen chairs, not the table. And if someone else sits in her chair (there are 4, for the 4 people) she gets really upset. As soon as someone gets up to get something she jumps on the chair and holds it with her paws.

Have a good Caturday!

Packrat said...

Oh, yes. The lie down,dig in the claws trick. Hope you are having a nice spring day!

mamafrog said...

My cat has the dead cat on a leash thing down well too! My son tried to see if he would do it one time and that's result he got. Just wish I'd had a camera so I'd a picture of it--too,too funny