Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Patterns of the Past-Nylon Sweater Blouses

In 1950, four dollars not only bought you the pattern, but enough yarn (your choice of nylon, wool zephyr, or "crepe velene") to complete this sweater blouse, as advertised in McCall's Needlework & Crafts.


T-Mom said...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to make them in nylon (too slippery to work with and too hot to wear), but they're pretty patterns. Bet they wouldn't be hard to figure out.

Packrat said...

These are so pretty. I wouldn't want them in nylon. I don't have a clue what crepe velene is. I can't wear wool next to my skin. So, I choose cotton. Oops, not available. lol. I wouldn't have a clue about how to knit these, either. Darn.