Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Patterns of the Past - "Garments for Home Wear"

To go with last week's garments for general use, also from Needlecraft, May 1916. I think the little girl's garment at the top is an apron or coverall of some sort. I do know that the fetching two piece outfit and cap on the lady at the bottom of the page used to be called a breakfast or matinee set. Presumably this is what the stylish young wife wore while serving her husband his breakfast.

Note the bell-shaped "war crinoline" silhouette of the skirts. Note also that the faces of the models are beginning to evolve (or devolve) away from the sophisticated, glamorous look of the Gibson era and into something more fluffy and child-like. A reaction to the war? Who knows.

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Leti said...

I remember having and apron - dress similar.When i was a child.. with an opening at the front side.

Packrat said...

I think partially the styles changed so that the same dress could be worn for a longer time (as when the wife was pregnant), because fabric was hard to come by. I don't know this for a fact. Just guessing and *maybe* remembering something from that clothing history class I took about 36 years ago. LOL