Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Convalescent Diet

First Day

Breakfast. Poached Egg on Toast. Cocoa.

Lunch. Milk-punch.

Dinner. Raw Oysters. Cream-crackers. Port Wine.

Lunch. 1 Cup of Hot Beef Broth.

Supper. Milk Toast. Wine Jelly. Tea.

Second Day

Breakfast. Soft-cooked Egg. Milk Toast. Coffee with Sugar and Cream.

Lunch. 1 Cup of Soft Custard.

Dinner. Cream-of-celery Soup. Sippets. A little Barley Pudding, with Cream. Sherry Wine.

Lunch. Milk-punch.

Supper. Water Toast, Buttered. Wine Jelly. Tea.

Third Day

Breakfast. Scrambled Egg. Cream Toast. Cocoa.

Lunch. 1 Cup of Hot Chicken Broth.

Dinner. Chicken Panada. Bread. Port Wine. A little Tapioca Cream.

Lunch. An Egg-nog.

Supper. Buttered Dry Toast. Baked Sweet Apples and Cream Tea.

Fourth Day

Breakfast. An Orange. Farina Mush, with Cream and Sugar.

Poached Egg on Toast. Baked Potato. Cocoa.

Lunch. 1 Cup of Hot Soft Custard.

Dinner. Potato Soup. Croutons. A small Piece of Beefsteak. Creamed Potatoes.

Baked Custard. Coffee.

Lunch. 1 Cup of Chicken Broth, with Rice.

Supper. Raw Oysters. Banquet Crackers. Graham Bread, Toasted. Wine Jelly. Tea.

Fifth Day

Breakfast.An Orange.Coffee. Mush of Wheat Germ, with Cream and Sugar. Broiled Mutton Chop. Toast.

Lunch. 1 Cup of Mulled Wine.

Dinner. Chicken Soup. Bread.Creamed Sweetbreads. Duchess Potato.Snow Pudding. Cocoa.

Lunch. Siphon Soda, with Coffee Syrup and Cream.

Supper. Buttered Dry Toast. Orange Jelly. Sponge Cake and Cream. Tea.

From A Handbook of Invalid Cooking, by Mary Boland (at Google Books. And what is with all the raw oysters? There's only one ailment I know of for which raw oysters are recommended, and I can't mention it on a family blog).


Karen Minturn Brown said...

With that much raw oysters, I would work on getting better quick! Maybe that's why it worked.

Janice in GA said...

Yeah, I was with you till I hit the raw oysters bit.

And I LIKE raw oysters. But not when I've been ill. ::eww::

Sisiggy said...

Sippets. Had to look that one up.

I have an ancient Good Housekeeping book that calls for feeding sick people a cracker with boiling water poured over it. it could be worse, I suppose...

panavia999 said...

I have a 1930's cookbook with crackers and boiling water too.
My grandmother once gave me milktoast when I had such a sore throat I could barely swallow. She put lots of butter and pepper on it. It was delicious but I still could hardly work it down. Now a glass of port or sherry everyday, that would work for me!