Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gone Are The Days

I used to be a stoic. In fact, I once completed a twenty mile hike with a sprained ankle. And a few years ago, at grad school, I sat through a three-hour class with a broken arm.

Not any more. I hurt and everybody knows it. I'm coughing so much they had me come back for a chest xray this afternoon. Every time I breathe in, I feel like the 19th Indiana Regimental Band is tapping out Hell on the Wabash on my ribcage.


Barb E. Rickard said...

Dang, Shay!
You really got a bad case of germs this time! I really hope you feel better soon. But I know from experience that it seems to take forever to get rid of the cough! Take care! Leaning forward when you cough seems to help also. Hugs!

Sam said...

Have you tried grabbing Drama Queen to hold when you cough to ease the pain? Oh wait, that will only cause a flow of blood...Please get better! We miss your humor! My 2 Maine Coons would volunteer to be your pillow but they don't like to travel from CT.

Packrat said...

Your body is saying, "Pay back time!" Not to rub it in, but you aren't as young as you used to be, either. Go ahead and whine. We'll listen. Just get well soon!