Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everyone's A Comedian

A small commuter jet flying from Georgia, where the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming and it's 80 degrees, back to central Illinois. The captain comes on the intercom.

Flight Officer: ...and the local weather forecast is for 15-mile an hour winds out of the north, heavy snow, and a wind-chill of -37 (pause). Just kidding, folks!

We should have stormed the cockpit and forced him to turn the plane around and fly it back to Atlanta.


Sam said...

Did he have a death wish? First you get the bozo with the "wash the critters" idea, now this dude...perhaps you need a mojo realignment to keep these idiots away from you.

Anonymous said...

Too funny.. unfortunately it snowed here this morning.. I'm so ready for warm weather to come and stay

Packrat said...

That guy was sure trusting...

except that it is still March and still possible. No snow here today yet, but there is a nasty bank of clouds rolling in.

Visiting a warm place where spring comes early and then going home to winter is just about unbearable, isn't it?