Monday, May 2, 2011

Guilt Trip

In the airport Sunday morning I ran into a colleague from our local Red Cross chapter.

I was on my way to a resort hotel in Texas where I would be sitting in air-conditioned rooms and enjoying catered meals and maid service.

She had flown home from Mississippi Friday night, slept in her own bed, done her laundry, and now she was on her way to Alabama to do client casework for displaced families.

She's eighty-three years old. She doesn't get paid a dime for this.


Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

And this is what I hope you are doing...

Ya gotta recharge the batteries every once in a while...I tend to forget that until He has to knock me on my royal kiester to get my attention--and that's NEVER fun! Enjoy your break and don't feel guilty! Blessings, Sharon

Sam said...

Your job right now is to rest after this wretched winter. Then you can go forth and help and be harsh to silly young things. Your friend's work serves as an inspiration to ALL of us. No guilt.

Packrat said...

No guilt. You have been ill; you need to relax for a while.

I am impressed with this woman's work and am glad that there are people like her. On some level, it does make me feel like I could do more, but then I realize I am needed at home. Also, not many are in a financial position to fly there and stay. Excuses? Maybe.