Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If It Moves, Salute It

(photo from 1stSgt Mike)

Many, many years ago, when I was still a lithe and active company-grade, my sacroiliac would occasionally go south on me. Usually when least expected.

I was walking into our building one day at Camp Lejeune when I spied a Marine trying to get a heavy piece of AV equipment off the back of a truck by himself. Without thinking I went over and gave him a hand loading it onto his rolling cart. He trundled it away, and I took two steps towards the stairs. And immediately fell flat on my back in excruciating pain.

There I was, lying in the grass trying not to scream when two young Marines came up the sidewalk. They looked at me. They looked at each other.

They looked back at me.

Clearly this was a situation not covered in the Guidebook for Marines and some leadership and initiative were called for. As they marched past both said “Good morning, ma’am!” and saluted smartly.

(I happened to glance up at that moment and catch our section master sergeant laughing so hard he had to cling to the doorjamb to stay upright).


Sam said...

First, sorry for your pain. Second, thank you for training the men so well. Third, did you hit the laughing man?

Shay said...

He was a master sergeant. Only God is allowed to hit master sergeants.

Packrat said...

I am sorry you were in pain. But, some help those guys were! "Only God" Oh dear. LOL