Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well Of Course It Is

I am inveighing bitterly against that highly-touted piece of inaccurate, sensationalist crap, "Gettysburg," that I tolerated for 20 minutes last night before turning off the television in disgust.

He: This is why I don’t watch stuff with you (At least since I ruined “Gladiator” for him).

Me: Don’t you ever get upset when you see people get something wrong that you feel strongly about?

He: Yeah…but it doesn’t do any good to yell at the TV.

Me: (pregnant pause).

He: Football’s different.


Sam said...

Don't argue logic with boys. You won't win. "Gettysburg" is a film for boys about boys dressing up and pretending to know what really happened. Even my dad the Civil War Re-eneactor won't watch it.

Anonymous said...

It's the same in our house. He doesn't understand that history is important enough to get it RIGHT, but heaven forbid the mess with medical details on a CSI show! LOL!

Packrat said...

Laughing out loud.

Anne said...

We showed the film on the bus on our recent staff ride to Gettysburg. I drove the van and I didn't have to watch it.