Monday, November 21, 2011


Smitty got promoted again -- he's a lieutenant now. Pity I can't find any of my old bars to hand off to him.

I have to write his evaluation next week and I'm having a tough time coming up with anything bad to say about him.


GDad said...

Oh, that's easy. All due respect to Lt. Smitty, and congratulations on his promotion, but it's easy to find fault if you really try.

"His personal interaction skills lack the panache necessary to adroitly inform superiors that they have spinach stuck in their teeth without embarrassing them slightly."

"He does this thing with his pen."

"From behind, he is easy to mistake for someone else."

Sam said...

You really can not find 1 or 10 things to say about Smitty in the negative? Really? YOU?

Packrat said...

If you can't find anything bad about him, say so. Everyone needs a pat on the back once in while. Just tell him not to let it go to his head. :) (Also, I have seen a few guys go just a little nuts when promoted to lieutenant.)

Shay said...

Sam, you're right. I'll have to pull up my socks.