Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recipe For A Sunday Afternoon

Take one box in which a large piece of furniture (such as a desk chair) has been delivered. Leave inside of it the packing material, the sheaves of cardboard and all the fascinating rustly bits of foam. Place it on its side.

Insert one cat (two cats are better, if you have an extra).

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.


Ladytats said...

all most as much fun I'll bet as watching a couple of toddlers.

GDad said...

After an hour or so, make a small slice on the "ceiling" of the box. Force some catnip into the cut with a pointy implement. It's kind of like a nice half-time show.

Sam said...

Then turn the heat on to create static cling of foam bits to cat behinds. THEN the fun begins, snicker, snicker

Shay said...

The catnip sounds like a good idea. The foam bits, not so much. They get tracked all over the house!