Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Full Of Surprises

(copyright-free images from Dover).

I am sitting in a planning meeting for the divisional Christmas party. We are thinking up activities, since eating and talking aren’t enough.

Me: I can teach a session on how to make origami Christmas ornaments.

Family Case Management Supervisor: Wait….you do origami?

Me: Uh, yeah. Simple stuff. I could do a Santa or a penguin or something.

FMCS: You do origami?

Me: I knit, too.

FMCS (begins flapping her hands wildly and hyper-ventilating): This is really freaking me out!


GDad said...

Well call you Janus.

Sam said...

What? Organized can't also be creative? Can you teach US the penguin?

tattrldy said...

Lol! What, people can't be more than one dimensional? I'm with Sam, I'd love to do a penguin!

Anne said...

I love freaking people out with the knowledge that I knit. And spin. It's fun to mess with their little, tiny minds.

Ladytats said...

congrats Shay, you have just proved that you are more then a pretty face. no wonder she can't handle it. he he
people often look at me weird when they find out I make lace ~ I tat. then you have to explain what it is that you do. it is rather interesting to see their expressions when they find out there is more to you then they thought.
I too would love to see you make a penguin, that is one origami animal I don't think I have seen.

Sam said...

Ladytats is correct, I too tat. I get "what is that?!?" a lot. And I cross stitch, bead and design costumes at night. My day time persona is Accounting.

Shay said...

Learned it from YouTube. Dead easy and very cute. It even stands up by itself.