Monday, July 2, 2012


The high point of my day today was donating blood.


Ladytats said...

good for you.
it will be my turn on the 16th. feels good to do it.

tattrldy said...

Was part of the reason because you could put your feet up?

I donated for the first time a couple of months ago. I'm still debating about doing it again. Not because it's not a really good thing, but doing it on a day I'm having to climb ladders wasn't a good idea. If I could do it on a day I didn't have to work... Other than the 4th of July I'm not seeing when that will be.

Anonymous said...

hubby used to, partly because he was ski patrol and scout master (little boys find creative ways to lose blood), then got a false positive. i took over - free cookies and pizza with a good excuse for indulging seemed perfect! bwah-haha. sadly, developed rheumatoid arthritis and u.c. so, i can't anymore. bless you for doing it!

Shay said...

Actually, I wasn't bragging...the point of the post was that the best thing that happened all day was having a Red Cross nurse jab a needle into my left arm.

Donating is something I would feel guilty not doing. I'm healthy, I'm not afraid of blood, I have great veins (seriously -- RNs take one look at the one that runs across the inside of my left elbow and swoon), and I have a blood type that's in demand.

I just wish I could convince more people to do it. It doesn't even hurt (well, hardly).

Ladytats said...

sorry to hear your day was so unremarkable Shay.
as for your left arm?? well, my left is a super highway. the right, has a wide Y headed off each side of my elbow. They love my left, I give them a choice and some do actually choose the right, but state that they love a challenge.
I feel the same as you about donating, maybe the reason I am also a EMR used to serve with an area ambulance squad, now I am attached to the little village fire dept.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

After three-four (failed) attempts to get the iv in for surgery...I hope I never see another needle. The tech thought the numbing stuff she was injecting first kept blowing the veins (which are small and roll...)After lots of deep breaths, promises of antianxiety stuff asap, and prayer-the last one worked-however-I woke up with more holes and bruises so I really don't want to know what happened while I was out!

Shay said...

There are people who just can't donate...their veins collapse or something. As I said, it doesn't bother me so I keep going back.

That and the free cookies. I'll do a lot for pecan sandies.

Ladytats said...

pecan Sandies?
we get home made caramel rolls. yum!