Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Tis Easier To Ask Forgiveness Than Permission

I have been attending a tabletop exercise co-sponsored by the state EMA and the state Red Cross office.  I am there not as a representative of my department but rather in my weekend occupation as a Red Cross disaster worker.  The first day, we were asked to stand and state our names and the group/activity we belong to within the Red Cross.

Me:  .....and I'm in Logistics.

Exercise Facilitator (somewhat ominously):  Yes.  We've heard about you and logistics.


Ladytats said...

I'll bet you get the job done.

Shay said...

As long as nobody asks too many dumb questions.

GDad said...

I've started introducing myself in the manner of Troy McClure from the Simpsons. "Hi, I'm GDad Lastname, and you may remember me from such roles as Hyperactive Facilitator at the Summer 2010 All Associate Meeting, and Game Show Contestant Number 3 from the Cross Functional Offsite."

It tends to head off ominous responses.

Sam said...

But, but isn't Logistics WHERE dumb questions get asked? Like what is logistics and where can I find it?

Shay said...

I mean dumb questions like "Where did you get that and how are we paying for it?" and "FEMA is on the phone. Do you know anything about a missing truck?"