Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seasonable Menus For One Week In July

From American Cookery magazine, June-July 1920.  Note that this was pre-A/C.

Breakfast.  Boiled rice, thin cream.  Shirred eggs, popovers.  Raspberries.  Coffee.
Dinner.  Cream of lettuce soup, croutons.  Roast veal, bread dressing, new potatoes.  Sliced tomatoes, stringless beans.  Strawberry shortcake.  Coffee.
Supper.  Monte Cristo salad, toasted muffins, sliced pineapple.  Cocoa.

Breakfast.  Bananas, toasted corn lakes, thin cream.  Scrambled eggs, dry toast.  Doughnuts, coffee.
Luncheon.  Mock scallop of crabs, baking powder biscuit.  Pineapple sponge, boiled custard.  Tea.
Dinner.  Veal croquettes, minted peas with lettuce.  Baked new potatoes, macaroni  Italien.  Cherry pie, cheese.  Tea or coffee.

Breakfast.  Blackberries, cream of wheat, top milk.  Broiled fresh mackerel, potatoes hashed in milk.  Yeast rolls.  Coffee.
Luncheon.  Chicken loaf, entire wheat muffins.  Coronado Beach salad, toasted crackers.  Cocoa.
Dinner.  Roast beef, Franconia potatoes.  Spinach, buttered beets, horseradish sauce.  Almond jumbles, banana sponge.  Tea or coffee.

Breakfast.  Stewed dried peaches.  Gluten grits, toast.  Veal hash with green peppers, coffee rolls.  Coffee.
Luncheon.  Chicken and spinach soup, rye muffins.  Baked custard, pistachio layer cake.
Dinner.  Clear tomato soup, croutons.  Cold roast beef, potatoes maître d’hotel, new onions buttered.  Romaine salad.  Fruit cup, cookies.  Iced tea.

Breakfast.  Raspberries, Quaker Oats, cream.  Omelet Creole, hashed brown potatoes.  White mountain muffins.  Coffee.
Luncheon.  Tripe birds with tomato sauce.  Blueberry pie, cream cheese.  Tea.
Dinner.  Cream of string bean soup.  Broiled lamb chops, green peas.  New turnips in cream, Delmonico potatoes.  California lettuce, French dressing.  Gooseberry tarts.  Tea or coffee.

Breakfast.  Sliced pineapple.  Broiled halibut, toasted brown bread, baked potatoes.  Currant buns.  Coffee.
Luncheon.  Lettuce-and-egg salad, pulled bread.  Red raspberry shortcake.  Cocoa.
Dinner.  Clam broth, whipped cream.  Boiled lobster (cold), salad rolls, Philadelphia relish.  Peach pie.  Iced coffee.

Breakfast.  Blueberries, milk, yeast rolls. Fish cakes, broiled bacon.  Popovers.  Coffee.
Luncheon.  Lobster Newburg, blueberry muffins.  Griddle cakes and syrup.  Tea.
Dinner.  Beef balls and brown sauce with vegetables in cubes (onions, carrots, turnips).  Tomatoes, French dressing.  Bread-and-butter pudding, hard sauce.  Tea or coffee.

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Bunnykins said...

All made from scratch, too, using a stove with a tiny oven.

Actually, it looks far healthier than the recipes in the ship's cookbook my grandfather had from when he worked on a sailing ship pre WWI. Recipes went something like: gently fry a dozen eggs in a pound of butter. I've never seen recipes with so much fat, salt and sugar.