Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flora, Adieu

Flora the Red Menace has served me faithfully for almost eight years but recently developed some troubling little quirks, shall we say (in all fairness, she handled the trip to Pennsylvania like a trooper).  So the spousal unit has been watching interest rates and rebate offers like a hawk, and this morning we went to the local dealership and came home with Sarge.

In some indefinable way I became aware, during the drive back, that he was male, and "Sarge" just popped into my head.  Maybe it's the color, such a nice manly dark granite.

(I thought it was black but the sales associate, a Guardsman out of the unit in Peoria, informed me that it was granite).

The Drama Queen approves.


Anonymous said...

lovely car, congratulations! Good name for him, too. My last car was definitely male, we called him "little car." my current car is "Zelda" - my husband named his "Scott," just to be funny. I wonder if everyone names their car?

Sam said...

Looks black to me...but GREAT to see The Drama Queen approves of Sarge.