Thursday, August 9, 2012

In A Just Universe, Keel-hauling Would Still Be Legal

I spent most of today at a meeting with the regional coordinator for my program.  At one point I became aware that my cheekbones were aching and realized that I had been grinding my teeth for quite some time.

(I wasn't the only one in a highly irritated mood -- based on body language from my fellow attendees, if intent were enough, that man would have perished long before lunchtime).


Ladytats said...

another fine example of rising to your level of incompetence.

Sam said...

Just what did this idiot say?

Shay said...

Well...let's start with the requirement that we submit three strategic planning documents per year. Each one will contain the same information but since they're going to three different depts they have to be in three different formats.

And it doesn't matter what we say in our planning documents; after the state gets them, we will be told what our strategic priorities are.