Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Pretty Sure He Was Kidding

I am waiting for a shot at a massively under-staffed and over-utilized hotel breakfast buffet and reading my Nook.

Random Helpful Stranger:  Whatcha reading?

Me:  "Mr. Lincoln's Army."  It's about the Civil War.


Random Helpful Stranger:  I can tell you how it ends.


tattrldy said...


GDad said...

I certainly hope you had further interaction with RHS.

Sam said...

30Really? So Spock comes in and leads the Rebs to victory???

Ladytats said...

Dang girl, he was hitting you up.
Did you deck him with your Marine Corp look?

Kathleen C. said...

Oh, I dunno... it could be that he did know how it ended... Maybe he read the book already?

Now I'm just kidding! LOL!

Sharon said...

Don't you just hate people who ruin a good book by telling you how it ends?