Sunday, July 27, 2014

First, Boil Your Duck

(copyright-free Audubon image from Dover.)

TO MAKE CURRY PUFFS.  Boil one duck, with the liver and gizzard.  Cut the meat of the duck into dice.  Chop the gizzard rather fine.  Rub the liver to a smooth paste with a little butter, and mix thoroughly with three even tablespoonfuls of curry powder.  Place over the fire one quart of the liquor in which the fowl was cooked.  Add the chopped meat, gizzard, one medium-sized onion, grated, one nutmeg, grated, and salt to taste.  When it comes to a boil add one tablespoonful of chopped parsley and the liver and curry mixture, thinned with a little of the hot liquor.  Thicken with three tablespoonfuls of browned flour rubbed smooth with three tablespoonfuls of butter.  This will be sufficient filling of a dozen and a half puffs.

For the puffs, bake cream-puff batter in the usual way.  While still hot split near the top and fill with the curry.  Serve hot.  Or, if you do not wish to bake the puffs almost any baker will let you have them without the usual sweet filling.  They must in this case be placed in the oven for a moment to heat, before adding the filling.  Watch carefully that they do not become too brown.

(Three tablespoons of curry powder.  Someone liked it hot).  From the Ladies' Home Journal, October 1892.


Lady Anne said...

My grandmother had a German cookbook, which included a recipe for It began, "First, catch your rabbit". This has been a sort of family motto for years. Somebody will come up with some castle-in-the-air project, and be brought down to earth with the question, "Do you have your rabbit?"

Lady Anne said...

Whoops! What happened there? The recipe was for Hassenpfeffer - jugged hare, which is rather spicy. (I need a better proofreader. The one I have frequently sleeps on the job.)

Shay said...

Edwardian cooks had to be rather blood-thirsty, if one goes by some of the recipes.