Monday, July 7, 2014

Unaccustomed As We Are

I will be in Chicago (well...Schaumburg, technically) for a conference until Thursday night.  With my sweet lovely boss and six other RNs, and only the public affairs officer along as backup.  

Let's hope we can keep the seven of them out of mischief.


Sam said...

Why not let them get into trouble?
Just take plenty of pictures as "evidence"

Shay said...

Bunnykins, I managed to do everything win your comment except approve it.

Try again?

Bunnykins said...

Link to CBC story about radiation pills distribution:

The Pickering station is just outside Toronto. Darlington is on the north shore of Lake Ontario. We live about half way between the two.

Old comment:
Perhaps someone up here is paying attention to your work as people living near these plants are now being offered pills in case of a radiation problem, one group for the first time. Both plants have been in operation for decades. This is the first time I've seen a general announcement of any preparations in the event of an "event." File in the "what they don't know won't hurt them" section.

Shay said...

The problem with those pills -- I suspect they are KI -- is that they are not a magic preventative against all forms of radiation poisoning, nor are they being offered as such, at least not here. Unfortunately people see what they want to see.

Bunnykins said...

I also have reservations about the pills. What I find interesting is the willingness to admit that there might be a problem sometime after decades of "nothing can go wrong" posturing.