Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Knitting - A Woman's Cardigan from 1952

From the Australian Woman's Weekly.  Go to my flickr account for the pattern.


Bunnykins said...

Thanks for this. It's not often you see a light weight fitted cardi in a larger size.

Shay said...

Check out "Curvy Knits Month" here:


Bunnykins said...

Thanks for the link! Great stuff there!
I have a booklet of bed jacket patterns, a WWII knitting for the family type book with one frumpy mid weight cardi, and a couple of 1930s pattern books, one with a couple of suit/dress patterns that are too old even for me (grandma wouldn't have worn them.)

So nice to see this site. I used to belong to ample knitters whose members seem to prefer chunkier knits which I don't get much wear out of.
Ya, girlie knits!