Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On The Road Again

Off for another training weekend, back Sunday night.


Sam said...

One can only imagine what or who you will be training this weekend.
Zombies? Newly minted EMT's? Local folks? How to drive a forklift?
Inquiring minds want to know....or do we?

Shay said...

Red Cross volunteers who are looking to work in management and as liaisons.

Courses are: Building Partnerships, Collaborating Essentials, Introduction to the Incident Command System, Overview of Information and Planning, VOADs, Financial Systems, Public Affairs, and Government Operations Fundamentals.

I'm teaching Collaborating, Intro to ICS, and Govt Ops.

Lady Anne said...

Boy! I hope you can make that stuff interesting. I nearly dozed off reading the list.

Shay said...

I throw chalk.

Sam said...

Okay, I'll bite...what is VOAD and ICS? My dad was a Red Cross 1st Aid Trainer waaayyy back in the day. Like when the first CPR dummy came out. He brought her home and the whole neighborhood my mother's scream. I'd throw single buttons instead of chalk. Better aim.

Bunnykins said...

What's VOAD?
I suggest you tell them this is where the money is: no forms, no making nice, no learning to stand up and speak, no learning to work the system equals no funding.
Money usually gets attention.
I used to teach a mix of "the boss sent me" people and "I know everything" techies how to use new computer systems. There were times when I felt like making them march around the room to music just like a kindergarten teacher would.

Shay said...

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster.

The Red Cross relies on donations -- we dont' get any $$ from the Feds.

ICS is the Incident Command System, it's how gov't organizations organize for emergency response.