Friday, March 25, 2016

Silver Lining Dep't

It pissed down rain yesterday.  At least we now know all the places where we need more tar-paper.


Bunnykins said...

Oh, spring: allergies, snow melt, flooding, and rain. Good thing there are flowers, and the bunnies and birds are back in the garden.
My condolences on the roof.

Lady Anne said...

Living in an old house is SO much fun! When we have more leaks than buckets I tie a string to a push pin, put the pin in the leak and put all the strings in a bucket. The rain water runs down the various strings and into the bucket. (I've done this a lot. Can you tell?)

Shay said...

I wish I had known this Thursday morning.

Bunnykins said...

Lady Anne - How clever is that!
So far, we've never actually had a leak. Snow in the back hall a foot deep (Edwardian house), and all kinds of plumbing disasters, but no leaks. Given the size of the roof on the new house, I hope we don't have to fix it.